Oxygen Forensics Extracts Samsung Secure Folder And Enhances Lock Bypass Methods

Oxygen Forensics has released an update to its popular mobile forensic software allowing investigators exclusive access to mobile devices, applications, and cloud data not previously accessible through software solutions.

The company’s flagship software, Oxygen Forensic® Detective, enables investigators to access and extract data from thousands of mobile devices, applications, and storage locations to build stronger cases with digital evidence. The update to version 10.3, which most notably includes access to cloud backups of the Samsung Secure Folder and Viber messaging app, as well as expanded support in extracting from locked Android devices, will allow for more detailed investigations by law enforcement and government defense groups in legal proceedings.“Our commitment to supporting digital investigations requires constant innovation to ensure we quickly deliver the most updated solutions to meet ever-evolving technological needs and supporting popular applications,” commented Lee Reiber, Oxygen Forensics COO. “The sooner law enforcement and defense organizations have access to these features, the sooner they can begin holding wrongdoers legally accountable for their actions.”

The Samsung Secure Folder represents one of many roadblocks investigators face when collecting digital evidence for a case. Users of supported Samsung devices may store files separately from the phone’s primary storage, allowing them to protect information with a separate set of security standards and access credentials. Oxygen Forensics’ software allows investigators exclusive access to backups of these protected files through cloud extraction to retrieve data relevant to a case.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective version 10.3 supports more than 7,000 smartphone applications – the most of any forensic software currently on the market – through both device physical extractions and cloud backup access.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective version 10.3 Update Highlights

Industry First: Extract cloud backup of Samsung Secure Folder, including account details, contact and calendar cards, Application Package Kit (APK) file, and document revisions

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Industry First: Extract data from Viber messenger app backed up to iCloud or Google Cloud

• New Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout utility enables investigators to locate and retrieve tokens and passwords from a device’s associated PC for use in mobile investigations

• Bypass lock screen on more than 430 Android devices built with Qualcomm chipsets

• Support for full physical extraction on more than 100 new Spreadtrum Android devices with storage over 4 GB

• Support for more than 430 smartphone app updates.

About Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensics, Inc., is a leading global provider of software for forensic investigations involving mobile devices, drones, and cloud data. The company’s flagship software, Oxygen Forensic® Detective, enables law enforcement, defense, and enterprise organizations around the world to extract and examine data from thousands of device types and applications to build thorough digital evidence cases for legal and forensic investigations. For more information, visit www.oxygen-forensic.com

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