Paraben Can Read Your Email

From network mail archives to local PST

Paraben is pleased to release new email overview videos on the Paraben YouTube channel, ParabenForensics. These videos are free to anyone who wants to see the capabilities associated with breaking down both local and network email archives. Email capabilities are endless with deduplication, exporting data in PST form, as well as OST native archive support.The E3 Platform comes with a variety of licensing choices in regards to email data; E3:EMX for local email archives, E3:NEMX for network mail archives, or E3:P2C for email and computer data. Or, to do it all, we have E3:Universal, which supports email, hard drive, smartphone, and IoT data together in a single interface. No matter what level of organization you are part of, there is an option for you at a price that is reasonable. “We broke in the email examination area for digital forensics back in 2002 and have continued to support the latest archives with new functions, such as corrupt data repair, better exporting, and data analysis. We are pleased to offer solid email examination tools to our users for such a long time and adding in some online training in the future is the next step.” stated Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben.

Email archives supported include, but are not limited to:
Local Email Archives
Microsoft Outlook (PST & OST)
Microsoft Outlook Express
Windows Mail Email
The Bat!
America Online (AOL)
Mozilla Thunderbird
Email Files (EML)
Maildir Database
750+ Mime Formats
Network Email Archives
Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 (.EDB)
Lotus Notes 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8, 8.5, 9.0 (.NSF)
GroupWise up to 2014

About Paraben Corporation:
Since 2001 Paraben has been a foundation in solutions for mobile devices, smartphones, email, hard drives, and gaming system forensics. Paraben has been forging ahead to develop new approaches for dealing with digital evidence. Paraben’s focus on mobility led to many other areas of innovation including the research and development into the Internet of Things (IoT) with the Forensics of Everything™ (FoE). Paraben supports logical and physical images with mobile devices and 100% of the smartphones on the market. In addition, Paraben can add to an existing arsenal with specialized tools for unique data such as network email servers, local email archives, internet related data, and gaming systems. Paraben provides software with a unified vision and interface for dealing with all types of digital data. From start to finish Paraben offers solutions that can build new capabilities into any digital investigation.

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