Paraben Corporation releases DS Box; a mobile device acquisition kiosk

Paraben Corporation has announced the release of the DS Box, a self-contained cellular phone and PDA data acquisition unit built into a stationary kiosk system. Designed DS Box for locations such as prisons, military bases, and regional labs, the DS Box aims to enable anyone of any skill level to process a mobile phone for data intelligence…The DS Box combines a comprehensive interlocking cable system, for the latest mobile devices in the market, with a powerful computer and specialized software into the kiosk measuring approximately four feet tall by one and a half feet wide. The DS Box makes complete cell phone triage capabilities easy-to-perform and available to any staff member, regardless of their training level.

Key Features of the DS Box include:

• Touch-screen interface
• Full media card acquisition and recovery of deleted data
• Complete logical acquisition on over 2,200 mobile phones and devices
• Comprehensive SIM Card acquisition and recovery
• Forensically sound data for intelligence and evidence gathering

Remote software upgrades and annual cable updates make this an easy solution for organizations to maintain. Getting the data quickly, and in a forensically sound manner, is crucial when information is the key to a case. The DS Box simplifies the process.

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