Paraben Releases Device Seizure 6.6: Supports 100% of iOS & Over 96% of Android

Paraben Corporation, a leader in the digital forensics industry, has announced the release of Device Seizure v6.66. The first commercial tool for mobile forensics is hitting mobile investigations with a vengeance. By adding support for nearly every smartphone available while keeping the price very affordable, forensic examiners are bound to catch more bad guys than ever before.

“This version of Device Seizure feels like a whole new beast,” stated Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation. “Not only have we evened the playing field by adding hundreds of new phone model support, we’ve added app parsing to delve deeper into a mobile phone’s secrets.” Device Seizure remains one of the most affordable, yet comprehensive mobile forensics tools on the market today.This release coincides with Paraben’s recent change in mobile forensics training. Paraben’s Mobile Fast Track is a 5 day training course designed to teach forensic examiners the fundamentals of mobile device forensics and guide them through advanced data analysis and techniques with a hands-on approach.


Paraben Corporation specializes in technologies for both digital forensics and cyber threat mitigation for law enforcement, corporate enterprises, and consumers. Established in 1999, Paraben became a leader in the digital forensics industry with the first commercially available tools for cell phone forensics and have expanded their product line to include hard drive, and enterprise forensics solutions as well as cyber threat assessment tools. Paraben is a leading innovator in the field with software, training, and consulting services. For more information, visit

Lee Proctor

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