Radio Tactics Launches Athena v4 Solution for Mobile Device Intelligence Capture

Radio Tactics Ltd, a global provider of specialist equipment used by military and law enforcement agencies for the real-time capture of intelligence and evidence from mobile digital devices, has announced the launch of Athena v4. Athena provides rapid and effective data acquisition from mobile devices, empowering military and covert operatives with real time, actionable intelligence.Radio Tactics products are continually evolving in conjunction with the needs of clients and the v4 upgrade demonstrates Radio Tactics’ response to the changing warfare environments of its users.

The v4 upgrade of Athena builds on the extensive capability of v3 of the frontline intelligence gathering platform with new features, including:

• Exploitation of positioning and tracking information from up to 300 Garmin GPS devices
• Lists a further 3100 devices, including an additional 1500 supported and 50 validated devices compared to v3
• Addition of international time zone support
• Improved interface, making operations much faster
• Decoding of R-UIM information from CSIM
• On-board camera with increased capture resolution

Andy Gill, CEO of Radio Tactics commented:

“At Radio Tactics we are always looking for ways to develop the products and services that we offer our clients. The v4 upgrade for Athena demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that we can provide cutting edge solutions for an ever changing market. Athena v4 means that Radio Tactics now offers enhanced support for a wider range of mobile devices including positioning and tracking information from hundreds of GPS devices. Crucially, this means that we can increase intelligence value from who and when to now include where.”

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Radio Tactics takes great pride in the fact that each of its products can be fully customised to the specification of the client, enabling every product to reach its optimum potential for the end user. With offices in the UK, USA and Australia, Radio Tactics provides dedicated technical assistance and offers comprehensive support and advice to every client.

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