Reconnoitre Released by Sanderson Forensics

Sanderson Forensics are pleased to announce the release of Reconnoitre.

Reconnoitre is a forensic application designed to make working with files within a Volume Shadow Copy as easy as working with a file in any image. Simply:

1. Create a new case file
2. Select an image file (Expert Witness .e01, or DD)
3. Examine the files in the shadows (and all the live files).

– No need for VSSAdmin. No need to mount images, No need to map VSC’s to drive letters…
– Look at all different variants of a file, in both live and shadow files, at the same time
– Make the best use of your investigators and maximise their valuable time.

Click here for more information at the Sanderson Forensics websiteReconnoitre is a computer forensics tool designed to parse data directly from forensic images containing Volume Shadow Copies (VSC) and display the data in context within a display of the current file system.

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• Works directly from a image file (i.e. dd or encase)
• Can process local devices and volumes
• No need to mount an image file
• No need to use VSSAdmin on individual files (Reconnoitre does not use VSSadmin at all)
• See which parts of a file come from different VSC’s
• See the modified MFT entry for files in VSC’s
• See all file name attributes (and associated dates) from the VSC’s
• See files that have been altered and or deleted since the last shadow was created
• See the history of a file across different VSC’s
• Built in image viewer
• Powerful filtering capabilities.

Viewing files within an image containing one or more volume shadow copies is easy –

1. Create a new case file
2. Select an image file
3. Reconnoitre will then parse the image file
4. View all the files in the shadows (and all the current live files)

Benefits of Reconnoitre over VssAdmin based approach

• No need to image each mounted logical volume – saves time and disk space
• Look at ALL VSC’s at once, not limited by available drive letters
• Much faster – maximises the use of your valuable time
• Can see records in different VSC’s side by side
• No need to mount an image – just point Reconnoitre at an image file
• Can see MFT record for files in VSC’s
• Can identify MFT entries in which only the MFT has changed (rather than the file content).

Complex SQL filters can be created to limit the file display to just those files that the investigator wishes to see, The filter below displays any file with an extension .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp that is present in any of the shadow files:

The Reconnoitre display is very customisable allowing different panels to be moved and docked within other panels, or panels can be left floating on second monitors.


Click here for more information at the Sanderson Forensics website

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