Review: WriteProtect-Portable From Logicube

by Scar de Courcier

Logicube provide a line of write blockers for forensic analysis: Portable, Desktop and Bay. The idea behind the write blocker line is to combine multiple interfaces into one device; in the case of the WriteProtect-Portable, it’s a very small device that nonetheless manages to pack quite a punch!

The WriteProtect-Portable includes SATA, USB and PCIE natively, and for investigators who are still encountering IDE drives there is an optional IDE to SATA adapter available as an add-on. The WriteProtect-Desktop allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously, but with the WriteProtect-Portable you can only connect one at a time. There is a web browser function on the WriteProtect-Portable which is rarely required but can come in handy sometimes; an ethernet port on the side of the device allows for easy internet connection. The device also features a fast SuperSpeed USB 3.0 host connection.

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