Secure View Mobile Forensics and Belkasoft Announce Partnership

Susteen Inc, and Belkasoft are happy to announce their new partnership. This partnership will allow respective users of both Susteen’s Secure View cell phone forensic software and Belkasoft's computer forensic software to receive discounts on each other’s offerings. Both companies offer industry leading tools to law enforcement, military, government and corporate users. This partnership will strengthen the ability for users of both products to manage their forensic cases and increase their forensic capabilities.Susteen Inc. is gearing up for the launch of Secure View 4 with all new industry-first analytics as well as a March launch of the top-secret SV Strike. Although little details are available at this time, SV Strike is expected to be an easy to use powerful pincode/password breaker for iPhones and Androids. [image]

With the launch of this partnership with Belkasoft, Susteen continues to provide top-notch forensic access to law enforcement and government agencies. For more information on discounts available for Belkasoft customers, contact [email protected] For more information on Secure View 4 or the new SV Strike, contact [email protected]

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