Steganalysis plug-in for Inforenz Forager computer forensics software

With its latest version of Forager® 1.3, Inforenz tackles the rising issue of information leakage by releasing a plug-in for its forensic software that identifies where data is concealed in other files. It enables computer forensic investigators to search for both the presence of known steganographic tools as well as suspect files which may hold concealed information.The rapidly expanding Forager digital forensics suite speeds up investigations and can be used to investigate metadata concealed in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, MP3, EXIF/JPEG/JFIF and Zip files as well as detecting hidden data in digital images and other files.

“Computer forensics must keep pace with techniques used by fraudsters and others,” explained Vince Gallo a director of Inforenz and internationally-renowned steganographic expert. “At Inforenz we are investing in steganographic research because we believe that criminals and fraudsters will increasingly use the range of steganographic tools that are now easily available on the web and elsewhere. By incorporating some of our steganographic knowledge into this latest release of Forager, we are making it accessible to our peers in the digital forensics community.”

Digital steganography encompasses various methods for hiding information within apparently ordinary cover files. Inforenz’s research has already uncovered hundreds of easily-available steganographic tools which, combined with the increasing speed of Internet connections, enable the transfer of data hidden in graphic images and other files with relative ease.

In addition to the new steganalysis plug-in, Inforenz Forager 1.3 also mines down into zip containers and reports on metadata contained within them. It even recursively examines zip files that are embedded within other zip files.

Forager was initially launched twelve months ago and new versions and plug-ins extending its capabilities have been released regularly.

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A free time-limited trial of Forager can be downloaded from The software costs from £210 + VAT.

About Inforenz

Inforenz is a computer forensics investigation company that provides software products and consultancy services to government, law enforcement agencies, commercial law firms, financial institutions, forensic accountants and corporate investigators seeking to recover digital evidence.

Inforenz conducts all stages of information forensics investigations, from evidence recovery to expert witness testimony. In addition, Inforenz is developing a suite of specialist software products for computer forensics professionals, the first release of which is the metadata recovery and analysis package, Inforenz Forager®.

Inforenz was founded in 2001 by Andy Clark, Vince Gallo and Nick Spenceley, key players in the development of information security over the past two decades. Using its Deep Thought supercomputing platform, Inforenz has particular strengths in recovering concealed and encrypted data.

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Stephen Fleming at Palam Communications
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Andy Clark
Director, Inforenz Limited
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