Supercharge Your Investigations With Mobile Ultra

Investigative teams face a growing challenge in today’s fast-paced, data-driven world: how to keep up with the ever-increasing volume and complexity of digital evidence. The sheer volume of data stored on mobile devices, coupled with the sophistication of encryption and security features, makes traditional forensic methods increasingly ineffective. This is where Cellebrite’s Mobile Ultra comes in.

Mobile Ultra is a revolutionary mobile forensics solution that provides unparalleled access to crucial mobile data on a wide range of iOS and Android devices. With Mobile Ultra, investigators can gain deep insights into critical evidence, accelerating investigations and bringing justice to light.

Unveiling the Hidden Depths of Mobile Data

Mobile Ultra’s powerful capabilities enable investigators to delve into the deepest recesses of mobile devices, extracting data that would otherwise remain hidden. This includes highly secure areas, deleted data and application artifacts, providing a comprehensive view of the device’s activity.

Full file system extraction capabilities allow investigators to capture a complete image of the device’s storage, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. This is particularly valuable in uncovering evidence that may have been intentionally deleted or concealed.

Decrypting the Barriers to Evidence

With the increasing adoption of encryption on mobile devices, extracting data can be a formidable challenge. Mobile Ultra overcomes this barrier by seamlessly decrypting app data protected by additional security measures, such as Samsung KNOX Secure Folder. This ensures investigators can access critical evidence that may have been otherwise inaccessible.

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Accelerating Investigations with Unparalleled Speed

Time is of the essence in investigations, and Mobile Ultra is designed for this urgency. The solution boasts the fastest extraction speeds on the market, enabling investigators to extract iOS devices in under 180 minutes and Android devices in under 130 minutes. This rapid extraction capability allows investigators to quickly gather evidence, analyze it and swiftly move forward with their investigations.

Harnessing the Power of Cloud Data

Today, a significant portion of our data resides in the cloud. Mobile Ultra recognizes the importance of cloud data in investigations and provides the ability to extract data from more than 50 cloud sources, including ephemeral messaging. This comprehensive cloud data extraction capability enables investigators to uncover critical evidence that may have otherwise been overlooked.

Visualizing and Analyzing Data with Clarity

Mobile Ultra goes beyond simply extracting data; it also provides powerful visualization and analysis tools to help investigators make sense of the vast amounts of information they acquire. The solution normalizes cloud data, allowing investigators to search, filter, tag and examine data from various sources in a unified view. This streamlined approach facilitates efficient correlation of critical evidence.

A New Era of Mobile Forensics with Mobile Ultra

Mobile Ultra represents a paradigm shift in mobile forensics, providing investigators with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of today’s digital world. With its unparalleled access to crucial mobile and cloud data, rapid extraction speeds and advanced visualization and analysis capabilities, Mobile Ultra empowers investigators to supercharge their investigations and bring justice to the forefront.

Do you want to learn more about what Mobile Ultra can do for you? Contact us to see it in action.

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