SuperImager® Plus Field Forensic Unit With Thunderbolt port – Linux/Windows Dual

MediaClone, Inc. is proud to announce the release of SuperImager® Plus Field Forensic Unit with Thunderbolt port – A Compact, Powerful Forensic field unit, which enables a forensic investigator, in the field, to run multiple Forensic Imaging, and is capable of capturing data from many types of storage interfaces and protocols (SAS, SATA, FC, SCSI, 1394, NVMe, USB3.1, M.2), including the latest NVMe SSD, at extremely high speed of 46GB/min, utilizing the Thunderbolt 3.0 fast port (40Gigabit/s) and the PCIE 3.0 Expansion box.

In addition, the new product can be used to run a Triage data collection application and Cellphone data extraction from multiple devices, and run complete forensic analysis applications (EnCase, FTK, Nuix).

The new product is supplied with PCIE expansion box and a small display with HDMI port.

The new product can also be operated by using optional external battery.
(See a full demo in Techno Security and ICAC conferences)

SuperImager Plus Forensic Field Unit with Thunderbolt 3.0 port[image]


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In the digital forensic world, there is always a need for compact but powerful digital forensic tools that can help Forensic Investigator, in the field, to perform a complete Digital Forensic Investigation. Recently there is also an increase needs to consolidate many forensic applications and functions into one product. In a covered operation, the data capture speed is crucial, and partial data captures, or triage data collections, are very important. In a remote capture operation, where electricity is not available, there is also the need to operate the tools and perform some basic forensic functions, by using battery power. In some cases, where the captured data cannot be removed from the premises, there is a need to perform an on-site complete forensic investigation.

The SuperImager Plus forensic Field Unit with Thunderbolt port was designed to address all the above needs.

Powerful: Designing a very compact forensic product while still maintaining powerful performance is not an easy task. The SuperImager Plus forensic Field Unit with Thunderbolt port is small (8” x 5”) and lightweight (3.3 Lbs.), running Intel i7 6th generation with a CPU that is able to run extremely fast forensic imaging (up to 46GB/min), and perform full Forensic Analysis applications, such as Encase, Nuix, Access data and others.

Flexibility: Forensic Investigators must have in their tool box, a forensic data capture tool that supports most of the storage interfaces that they might encounter on the job. The
SuperImager Plus forensic Field Unit with Thunderbolt port is supplied with Thunderbolt 3.0 PCIE expansion box that allows the investigator to plug many different storage controllers and s capture data from many different types of storages, in a very easy way. Some interfaces are: SAS/SCSI/FC/1394/USB3.1/NVMe

Speed: The SuperImager Plus forensic Field Unit with Thunderbolt port has a Thunderbolt 3.0 port that utilizes extremely fast data transfer technology (40gigbit/s), which allows the unit to achieve a very high capture speed. For example, the PCIE 3.0 expansion box allows the user to plug one of the latest storage technologies of NVMe SSD (that requires PCIE interface) and capture data up to 60GB/min (using Intel SSD)

Battery: The SuperImager Plus forensic Field Unit with Thunderbolt port power consumption allows the user to operate the unit by using external battery. Running on battery, the unit has the capabilities to capture a full 1TB drives, running bit by bit copy, running a quick triage data collection, or running a full cellphone data extraction. It is a lightweight (26 oz.) lithium polymer battery with small form factor (6” x 3”x 2”). Also the small LCD display can operate on battery for more than 2 hours.

Consolidation of Forensic tools: There are 2 important forensic field tools that can be used with the unit:

1) Cellphone data extraction: With the increased use of cellphones and tablets in the market place, there is a need to capture data from cellphone data collection. The SuperImager Plus forensic Field Unit with Thunderbolt port is supplied with dual boot OS, which allows the user to run the most of the common cellphone applications under Windows, and use the unit’s multiple USB3.0 ports to simultaneously extract data from many cellphones, utilizing the CPU multi-core technology.

2) Triage data collection (Targeted imaging): Undercover or mission critical operation, need a quick respond where there isn’t too much time to perform a full forensic capture. The Triage data collection application is been used to seize important data, view and analyzed the data, and transmit the results (Mostly of the captured devices are laptops).
Using the SuperImager Plus forensic Field Unit with Thunderbolt port as a platform, the user can prepare the USB Triage bootable stick with the selective data collection setting, view and quickly analyze the captured data and transmit that data over some networks.


The SuperImager Plus forensic Field Unit with Thunderbolt port is a very efficient and affordable forensic tool, which can serve the computer forensic community in field operations.
Also, there is a complete kit available that includes the main unit, the Thunderbolt expansion box, the unit’s batteries and chargers and many of the storage interfaces, all in carry case on wheels.

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