This Guy Was Fired And Sued, So He Launched An eDiscovery Startup

Living well is the best revenge. No one personifies that better than Abtin Buergari, founder and CEO of Washington, D.C., startup, Modus eDiscovery. This is the fantastic rags-to-riches story of a man who grew up in poverty and was working himself through law school until his ideas for doing his job better got him fired — and sued — by his employer.

Buergari was working as a paralegal while attending law school when he was recruited by a company that does what’s known as “electronic discovery” or “eDiscovery.” He was working on a Hurricane Katrina lawsuit for a customer. The customer, an attorney, requested Buergari uncover documents as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. Buergari had some ideas for using technology to sift through documents faster and cheaper and asked his bosses if he could try those ideas.

They shushed him…

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