This Month In Forensics

Curated by Phill Moore

Russ McRee updated the Incident Response Hierarchy of Needs to a DFIR Hierarchy of Needs & Critical Security Controls.

Oxygen Forensic Detective released version 9.1.1.

Joshua James demonstrated how to compile The Sleuth Kit in Linux.

Lee Reiber discussed the logs.db file in Samsung Android devices.

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Jonathon Poling talked about why it’s so important to understand your tools.William Rich told us why it’s important to have an investigative mindset in DFIR.

Chris Sanders discussed how bias can influence investigations.

Brett Shavers gave advice to people who are looking to start out in digital forensics.

BlackBag released Blacklight 2016 R3.1.

Jasper gave an overview of network forensics on the Packet-Foo blog.

Jake Williams had some advice for recruiters on LinkedIn.

Cellebrite updated UFED to version 5.4.7.

Magnet updated AXIOM to version 1.0.9.

DFRWS US put out a call for papers.

Phill Moore is the curator of This Week In 4n6, a blog which puts together a summary of relevant industry news in digital forensics and incident response.

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