TSK 2.06 and Autopsy 2.08 released

From Brian Carrier:

Major improvements for TSK are fixes for segfaults that were discussed on the mailing list, new versions of libewf and afflib that add support for the SMART format and that fix some compile bugs (respectively), and … a first pass at a Windows version. The Windows port is not 100% complete. Support for EWF and AFF do not exist and “globbing” is not supported on the command line. But, it’s a start. There is a zip file with the executables on the website. Autopsy will not work on Windows though (outside of Cygwin). The new Autopsy version includes the update that will check if it is running on Cygwin and will then set the path to ‘/bin;/usr/bin;/usr/local/bin’ (so that the dlls can be found).


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