Turning The Tide Against Wildlife Crime With Detego Global’s Cutting-Edge Digital Forensics Tools

It’s no secret that criminals engaging in wildlife poaching or trafficking hide behind a digital shadow. They often rely on digital devices like drones, mobile phones, loose media and laptops to record and store information and count on numerous apps to communicate and coordinate illicit activities.

Without accessible digital forensic tools, conservation teams and law enforcement units often struggle to gain insights into these events. Due to the inability to extract actionable evidence on poaching, trafficking and other destructive actions, many criminals walk free and are left to continue their devastation.

This is where Detego Global can help. The company’s all-in-one digital forensics platform places robust investigative capabilities in the hands of investigators of any experience level.

With Detego Global’s award-winning platform, on-scene and office-based teams can rapidly gather insights from thousands of devices and apps, swiftly pinpoint critical evidence and prepare comprehensive reports for legal proceedings in a matter of minutes.

Here are some of the ways in which the tools that make up Detego Global’s acclaimed digital forensics platform can support conservation teams and law enforcement units in their fight against wildlife crime:

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Field Triage: This highly portable tool with a globally patented alert system rapidly scans suspect devices and alerts users about hash and keyword values related to animal trafficking. Field Triage can be customised for different types of investigations and can be deployed in any environment.

Ballistic Imager: The world’s fastest forensic imaging tool accelerates data extraction from computers, laptops and servers. This internationally patented technology enables investigators to reduce backlogs by recording data 4x faster than the industry average (Ballistic Imager is capable of forensically securing 1TB in under 8 minutes).

Media Acquisition: This tool analyses data from memory cards, drones, loose media, and more. It simultaneously captures information from multiple devices and offers live previews to enable faster decision-making. It helps investigators unlock a wealth of knowledge from drones, including flight paths, areas covered, payloads and more. Media Acquisition also recovers deleted data thanks to its powerful carving capabilities.

Detego MD: This mobile forensic powerhouse extracts vital data from thousands of phone models, including burner phones, sat-navs and IoT devices, as well as critical data from 1,000s of apps that criminals can potentially use for illegal activities.

Alongside the powerful tools mentioned above, Detego Global’s end-to-end digital forensics platform also comes with access to some of the latest AI and automated technology innovations. Detego Analyse AI+, the company’s central analytical platform, can deliver a range of benefits to professionals fighting wildlife crime.

AI-powered face recognition that’s 2x faster than the industry standard enables investigators to sift through immense volumes of videos and images and identify suspects in seconds. Teams can leverage AI object detection and semantic search to quickly detect animals in large datasets.

The similar image identification feature helps users upload images of animals, vehicles, and other subjects of interest into the system to rapidly find matches. Analyse AI+ can also uncover hidden and forged documents, while the AI-powered real-time translation and transcription capability can be a game-changer when investigating cases involving multiple regions and countries.

Investigators can also turn to accompanying tools like Detego Fusion to expose hidden links between suspects, devices and cases.

Unlike traditional digital forensics tools, Detego Global’s technologies are versatile and can be a force multiplier for investigative teams in any environment. These powerful solutions are easy to use, intuitive, and ready to deploy in any setting, from traditional labs to national parks.

Request a free, 30-day trial to discover how these solutions can empower your teams.

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