VFC5: Now With Windows Live ID Exploit

First launched in 2007, VFC has recently had a major facelift. VFC5 brings you:

• VFC Mount™, MD5’s proprietary, complementary mount tool, supporting .e01, .ex01, .vmdk, .bin, .img, .raw, .dd, .aff4
• Command Line Interface (CLI) allows you to launch VFC from existing forensic tools
• Enhanced Password Bypass (PWB) now supports over 2,300 discrete Windows builds
• Generic Password Reset (GPR) with integral “Live ID” exploit” *
• 64-bit support brings the software bang up to date with today’s forensic laboratory environment
• Enhanced Physical Disk support allows you to virtualise a write-blocked physical drive with ease

“Absolutely loving this version, there hasn’t been a password it hasn’t cracked! … Had absolutely no problems … changing the passwords either through the password bypass …, or the inbuilt reset password function …, and it worked with password and PIN protected accounts, even 1 which defaulted to a picture based login it changed the … password without a hitch. … I suspect it will prove uncommonly useful for us.”

Peter Bayly, Digital Forensic Investigator, Northumbria Police, UK

*New to VFC5 since September 2019 is the ability to bypass security on online-authenticated (AKA “Live ID”) Windows User Accounts. Using the new Generic Password Reset tool, the exploit is just a key-strokes away, giving you access to the User’s desktop environment in a matter of seconds.

For Further info on VFC5 download article https://vfc.uk.com/resources/download-form.php?type=Article

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