What’s Happening In Forensics

Techno Security MB is under way – keep up to date on Twitter.

Binary Hick gives us an in-depth look at Snapchat on Android.

Ali Hadi looks at Windows InstallTime vs InstallDate registry values.

Foursquare has acquired Placed, meaning it now has more data on users’ locations.

Data Narro have announced a new CLE-class focused on digital forensics.

Forensics Exchange does some research into malicious process investigation.

Cellebrite have released two case studies that show how digital evidence helped to solve a nationwide car theft operation and convict a Facebook predator.

Phill Moore rounded up last week’s top stories in forensics, malware and threat hunting.

Pro Digital Forensics share some tips for effective forensic report writing.

Bryan Ambrose shows us where to find Windows 10 sticky notes.

Hexacorn has updates for PESectionExtractor and spends some time playing with program database paths.

Magnet AXIOM 3.2 now supports Instagram warrant returns.

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