What’s Happening In Forensics

BlackBag Tech have announced that MacQuisition can now produce decrypted physical images of Apple’s latest systems using the T2 chip. Find Ashley Hernandez’s demonstration here.

Didier Stevens has updated hex-to-bin.py to Version 0.0.2, which comes with an option to parse ASCII/hexdumps as produced by his tools.

Craig Ball asks if there’s a war on ediscovery, and if so, whether it’s been lost already.

Didier Stevens talks about analysing first stage shellcode.

Farley Forensics describes how to analyse iTunes backups.

An upcoming conference on the 9th of July in the UK will look at how to investigate drugs and firearms on the dark web.

Hexacorn talks about event logs.

Ashley Hernandez gives a run-down of the highlights in the new release of BlackBag’s Blacklight.

Phill Moore has wrapped up the highlights in digital forensics this week.

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