XRY Passes Court of Appeal Challenge

The Irish Court of Appeal: A teenager jailed for life 2 years ago had his appeal against conviction dismissed. The defence argued that the trial judge erred in law by holding that XRY telephone analysis tendered by the prosecution was admissible.The Court was of the view that there was absolutely no requirement on the part of the prosecution to call a software engineer or by some other means to set about explaining how the software worked. Retired Detective Garda Supple was trained in the forensic examination of mobile phones and deployed the XRY system as a tool in that regard.

Accordingly, the Court is quite satisfied that the trial judge did not err in allowing the results of the XRY analysis by Mr. Supple to be presented to the jury.

Full details of the appeal case can be found at the Irish Court of Appeal.

The story was also covered by the Herald News in Ireland.

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