XRY v7.1 – Just Been Released

XRY Just Got Better!

MSAB prides itself on supporting devices regularly encountered by its customers. You can be sure we offer the fastest phone extraction and report opening times available. Released this week, version 7.1 of XRY includes approximately 1,000 new device profiles and more than 100 new apps, to make sure you stay ahead.

Highlights in XRY v7.1:

» Support for iOS 10
» Support for Pokémon GO
» Android backup extraction of blocked apps
» Outlook (.pst) file decoding
» Approximately 1,000 new device profilesThe latest version has support for 19,544 mobile forensic profiles, including 1220 different apps.

»» Support for iOS 10
»» iOS 10 iTunes backup decoding
»» Support for Pokémon GO
»» Decoding of Outlook Data Files (.pst)
»» Android backup extraction of blocked apps
»» Support for new cloud services:
»» Microsoft OneDrive, Google Takeouts, including Location and Search History, Box
»» Video recording support for XRY Camera
»» XRY file property customization
»» User interface customization
»» Default file name and path customization

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»» Improved automatic ID of portable media devices
»» Increased support for Nokias with Infineon chipset
»» Increased support for MediaTek Security Codes
»» Improved app category translation
»» Improved split file import

For a copy of the full release notes – please visit our website download page here

You can download the latest XRY version from the MSAB Customer Portal

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