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Stopping Computer Crime

Stopping computer crime requires two basic things: You need to let criminals know it won’t be tolerated by reporting and prosecuting, and tell the world what these crimes are and how folks can avoid being a victim. It’s not enough… Read more

Meticulous cybersleuth takes on high-tech cases

Just call William Simon the Sherlock Holmes of computers. The cyberspace sleuth would love the comparison. In fact, he named his business, Abberline Investigations, after his distant cousin Frederick Abberline, a Victorian-era Scotland Yard investigator. The licensed private investigator, with… Read more

Detective, check that hard drive

Noble Dean will graduate from Purdue University for the second time in December with his master’s degree in science and technology. His degree has taught the 31-year-old to look at the world in an entirely different light. “This,” he said,… Read more

E-mail Discovery Primer for Legal Professionals

A Non-Technical Primer – Taught by Warren Kruse and Steven Branigan. From the comfort of your home or office anytime 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. What do you need to know when making or receiving an Electronic Discovery request pertaining to… Read more

Easy to defeat computer forensics

Breaking into computer networks and remaining untraceable after the breach has been detected is apparently easier than anyone would like it to be, said The Grugq, a Britain-based hacker. The Grugq, who refused to reveal his true identity, said remaining… Read more

Data recovery, Australian style

A couple of Australian coppers have used their forensic expertise to create a software company that has chalked up success in Europe and Japan. And by Christmas they will be showing the Yanks how as well. The two “dumped-data detectives”… Read more

FBI agents use computer forensics to arrest sexual predators

It’s not surprising that FBI Special Agent Tom Veivia considers himself an overprotective parent. In a cramped room equipped with eight computers, Veivia works with undercover agents and police officers in the Innocent Images National Initiative. Working late evening and… Read more

Jackson Local Law Enforcement Learns to Fight Cyber Crime

In the world of cyber crimes, law enforcement officials need the same computer skills as criminals to fight back. This week, metro area law enforcement is getting the ammunition to fight the growing number of computer crime suspects. More (WLBT)… Read more

Computer expert challenges barge defendant’s testimony

A computer forensics expert says a critical document presented to jurors was edited on one of the defendants’ work computers – contradicting the defendant’s testimony last week. That’s the latest in the fraud and conspiracy trial of four former Merrill… Read more

Sleuthing in the e-files

These days, the search for truth takes lawyers not into company file cabinets but into company computers. With 93 percent of business documents now “borne” electronically, the story of U.S. workplaces increasingly gets told on computer disks, spread sheets and… Read more

Forensic experts track printer fingerprints

Researchers at Purdue University have developed image analysis techniques that may one day help tie counterfeit money and forged documents to the printers that produced them. In lab experiments, the researchers examined documents that came from 12 different models of… Read more