Amped Authenticate: Introducing The New Video Mode

Amped Software is pleased to announce a significant addition to their software for photo analysis and tampering detection, Amped Authenticate. With the latest update, they released the new Authenticate Video Mode. This feature marks an important expansion of their software’s… Read more

Register for Webinar: Getting Started With Amped FIVE

From its beginnings, as an application dedicated to the scientific enhancement of images and video, Amped FIVE has grown into the most powerful software package for video and image analysis for law enforcement, investigations, and intelligence: one single tool for… Read more

Deepfake Detection Made Easier with Amped Authenticate

By Marco Fontani, Forensics Director at Amped Software Amped Software releases a new update to Amped Authenticate and adds deepfake detection capabilities, which increases the already broad coverage of Authenticate for localizing forgeries. In this article, you will learn more… Read more

A Survey on the State of Video Forensics In 2022

Amped Software launches a new survey to understand what are the trends with video evidence and what is the state of video forensics in 2022. The survey is open to anyone working on image and video evidence (even occasionally) and… Read more

The Answers to Your Amped FIVE Questions

In the past few years, Amped Software hosted many webinars about its products. This article collects all the interesting questions that Amped received during the webinar sessions.  Click here to check out the next Amped Software webinars. 1. Does the Conversion… Read more

20 Hidden Gems in Amped FIVE

Amped FIVE is the most trusted software for forensic video analysis and image enhancement for law enforcement, investigations, and intelligence. Here are 20 simple features, hints, and tips that may not be so obvious to you but will work wonders… Read more

Emiliano Polito, Trainer, Amped Software

Emiliano, congratulations on your new role! Your journey to Amped Software has been colorful — what first interested you about multimedia engineering as a career? Hi and thank you! My journey to Amped Software has been an eventful one for… Read more

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A sketch of hands typing on a laptop keyboard behind the words "Upcoming Live Amped Webinars"
Amped Software is are very excited to share the schedule of the next live webinars that will take place from March to June 2022. In the webinars you’ll have the opportunity to: Get a better knowledge on how to face video evidence challengesGet a… Read more

Amped Software launches the Amped FIVE Training Modules

Amped Software has recently launched the Amped FIVE Training Modules. But what are these exactly? Read on to find out more. The Amped FIVE Training Modules The Amped FIVE Training Modules are training classes designed specifically for Amped Software end-users to acquire more… Read more