MD5 Limited Announces the Launch of VFC Version 6

MD5 are excited to announce the launching of  VFC version 6, and as an ongoing commitment to our loyal customer base and the hardship caused by the ongoing pandemic VFC Version 6 is at no extra cost. In this release the… Read more

Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC) From MD5

In the pantheon of computer forensic analysis, practitioners are often faced with many problems that require innovative solutions. Every case or incident presents us with new challenges, new approaches, new work-arounds and new exploits. For many years, the practice of… Read more

Tom Cross, VFC Sales Manager, MD5

Tom, you’re VFC Sales Manager at MD5. Tell us about your role: what does a day in your life look like? A day in my life as VFC sales manager in a nutshell consists of me developing new and existing… Read more

Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC)

Host: All right. Hello everyone. Welcome. Welcome to our first webinar, I believe, we’ve had with VFC. It’s a Teel Technologies VFC project. Just to be able to bring people to be aware of Virtual Forensic Computing and how it… Read more

VFC 5.2 And VFC Mount

Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC) was first launched to the digital forensic community in 2007. It is the original and still the go to virtualisation solution for the digital forensic investigator. VFC makes it easy to create a Virtual Machine (VM)… Read more

Walkthrough: VFC From MD5

VFC was first launched to the forensic community in 2007. It makes it easy to create a virtual machine (VM) replica of a target system, enabling an investigator to recreate and interact with the “digital crime scene”.  Using accepted forensic… Read more

Walkthrough: How VFC 5 Can Exploit Windows Live ID (Inc PIN)

What is Virtual Forensic Computing? Virtual computing transforms investigation of the digital crime scene. Having access to the ‘digital scene of crime’ can offer huge benefits to an investigator. Whether investigating fraud, murder, child abuse or something else, seeing the… Read more

Asking A VPS To Image Itself

by Chris Cohen There is a Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) that you have been tasked to collect using a forensically sound method while ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability. You have the password for a user who has ssh access… Read more