Digital Forensics Research Update: May 2022

Research published last month covered a wide range of issues in digital forensics, from limitations and challenges to new tools and techniques and lessons for those in higher education. Digital forensic techniques, now and in the future The National Institute… Read more

Santosh Khadsare on Capacity Building in Digital Forensics

Christa Miller: Capacity building for digital forensics is defined as the development of new professionals and better equipped work environments, particularly as the digital forensics industry struggles to keep pace with the way technology and the trace evidence it creates… Read more

Registration is Now Open for Magnet Summit 2022!

Magnet Forensics is excited to announce that Magnet Summit 2022 registration is now open! Save your spot for the leading DFIR event of the year which will feature an in-person experience in Nashville as well as an additional FREE virtual… Read more