CNN Based Zero Day Malware Detection Using Small Binary Segments

Hello everyone. My name’s Wen Qiaokun. It’s my great honour to be here making this presentation about my research topic, and the name is ‘CNN based zero-day malware detection using small binary segments’.Okay, let’s start. Firstly, why I want to… Read more

Research Roundup: Problem Solving In Digital Forensics

Digital forensics research last month fell fairly neatly into two categories, each of which sought to solve bigger problems in the field. In the first category is ensuring quality via frameworks such as service levels, better supporting first responders, reporting,… Read more

Digital Forensics Research: Recapping DFRWS-EU 2021

Held virtually once again in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Digital Forensics Research Workshop Virtual Europe (DFRWS-EU) embodied its vision of cultivating an inclusive, transdisciplinary approach in both program and activities by featuring 10 of the 29 research paper… Read more

Research Roundup: New Digital Forensic Insights And Opportunities

February’s research in digital forensics isn’t just about the papers presented at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)’ annual meeting, or those published in the various journals. Last month also saw new research opportunities, either for an impact study… Read more

Digital Forensics Research Looks To The Future

January was a somewhat light month in the way of digital forensics research publication, though the introduction of an Asia-Pacific (APAC) installment of the Digital Forensics Research Workshop (DFRWS) conference more than made up for it. This month we feature… Read more

Digital Forensic Evidence And Artifacts: Recent News And Research

This month’s academic research reflects two aspects of the changing digital forensics industry: new ways to think not just about digital artifacts, but also about broader investigative processes — including interagency cooperation. This round-up article includes three open-access articles from… Read more