Logicube Unveils New Website

Logicube® is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned and intuitive website, http://www.Logicube.com. Logicube’s website has been designed with customers, reseller partners, and client decision makers in mind, offering the ultimate user-friendly experience with a streamlined design, improved… Read more

Logicube’s Next-Gen Falcon-NEO: Overview Video

Want to learn more about Logicube’s next-generation forensic imaging solution? Ultra fast imaging speeds of over 50GB/min, simultaneous imaging from 4 sources to 8 destinations, image from PCIe to PCIe, 2 X 10GbE network connections -designed to streamline the evidence… Read more

Logicube To Showcase Next-Generation Falcon-NEO At Enfuse Conference

Logicube® Inc. will premier its next-generation digital forensic imager, Falcon-NEO at the Enfuse Conference, May 21st-23rd in Las Vegas, Nevada.The Falcon®-NEO is a future-focused solution designed to streamline forensic evidence collection processes. Delivering high performance and advanced features, the Falcon-NEO… Read more

Logicube® Launches Next-Generation Forensic Imaging Technology

Falcon®-Neo to revolutionalize speed of digital forensic investigations. Logicube® Inc., the industry’s leader in digital forensic imaging and hard drive duplication technology, has announced the next-generation of its ground-breaking Forensic Falcon® imaging solution. The Falcon®-NEO is a future-focused solution designed… Read more

Logicube Integrates EDEC’s Tarantula; Targets Chinese Chipsets

Logicube® Inc. and EDEC™ Digital Forensics have announced a technology partnership to integrate EDEC’s Tarantula™ into Logicube’s CellXtract® cell phone forensic platform. “We are very excited about our partnership with EDEC,” commented Farid Emrani, Executive Vice President and COO of… Read more

Logicube Unveils New Digital Forensics Solution

Logicube has announced two new additions to its line of premier forensic data capture solutions. The Talon® Enhanced forensic data capture solution and the CellXtract™ data extraction solution for mobile devices. The Talon Enhanced provides fast data capture at over… Read more

Logicube Posts Product Comparison of Forensic Quest vs TD1

Logicube, Inc. has posted a product comparison of its Forensic Quest data capture solution vs the Tableau TD1 on its website. Click on the link entitled “Product Comparison Quest vs TD1” at the following URL: http://www.logicubeforensics.com/products/hd_duplication/forensic-quest.asp The document, in PDF… Read more

Logicube® Acquires Intellectual Property For Celldek Technology

Logicube® Inc. has announced that it has acquired the intellectual property of the CellDEK™ technology. Logicube and the Forensic Science Service developed two products around the CellDEK technology; CellDEK (launched in 2005) and CellDEK TEK (launched in 2007). Both products,… Read more

Logicube Launches New Forensic Quest Data Capture Solution

Logicube® Inc. will debut its completely re-designed Forensic Quest®, at the TechnoSecurity 2009 Conference and Expo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this week. Users can now capture and authenticate hard drives at speeds approaching 6GB/min and the new touch screen… Read more

Logicube Announces Support for E01 Evidence File Format on Dossier

Logicube® Inc. has announced that the company’s premier data capture solution, the Forensic Dossier®, will provide support for the EnCase® evidence file format, E01. The Dossier is the first hardware-based data capture solution to provide support of this widely-used forensic… Read more