Logicube To Showcase Forensic Product Line at Techno Security San Diego

Logicube, Inc. is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference, March 11-13, in La Jolla, California. Our flagship product, The Falcon®-NEO, along with our Talon® Ultimate forensic imager and our full line of WriteProtect™ write-blockers will be featured in the exhibit hall.

We’ve added some exciting new options to the Falcon-NEO forensic imaging solution since we launched the product last spring; a SCSI Module and a FireWire™ Module that adds the capability to image to/from SCSI or FireWire® storage solutions and just recently a new Thunderbolt™ 3/USB-C I/O card that supports imaging to/from Thunderbolt external drives and enclosures.“The Falcon-NEO has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the digital forensic community. We designed this solution to be future-focused, commented Farid Emrani, President & CEO of Logicube.“ The added capability to image to/from Thunderbolt storage enclosures with our new optional I/O card demonstrates our commitment to ensuring forensic digital investigators are fully prepared to capture suspect data from new storage technologies as they are released to the market, “ continued Emrani.

Falcon®-NEO Feature Highlights

• Fast forensic imaging speeds surpassing 50GB/min, clone PCIe to PCIe at speeds above 90GB/min
• Image & Verify from up to 5 source drives to up to 9 destinations for ultra-efficient imaging
• Image to/from Thunderbolt™ 3/USB-C external storage enclosures with an optional I/O card
• Logical Imaging to capture only the specific files needed and shorten acquisition time
• Two 10GbE connections provide fast network imaging performance
• Concurrent image+verify feature significantly reduces duration of image plus verify process

Stop by our booth (#402) at the event to see a demonstration of the Falcon-NEO, along with the new Thunderbolt capability. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

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