Logicube Announces Networkable Digital Forensic Storage Solution

Logicube® Inc. has announced a new addition to its line of forensic data capture solutions. The MPFS™ (Massive Portable Forensic Storage) solution is the first storage device designed specifically for the digital forensic market. The MPFS provides up to 8TB of forensic data storage and connects seamlessly to Logicube’s Forensic Dossier® data capture solution as well as to the optional NETConnect™ networking module…Investigators can capture data directly from suspect hard drives into evidence drives stored safely and securely within the MPFS. Multiple capture sessions are stored in a JBOD configuration to 3.5” SATA hard drives. The MPFS allows direct connection to a PC via eSATA, USB or Firewire. Users can preview or transfer data to a PC via write-protected ports on the MPFS. Users can also preview, transfer or upload evidence data to a network by attaching MPFS to the optional NETConnect networking module.

“Hard disk drive capacities have grown exponentially over the last few years,” commented Farid Emrani, Executive Vice President and COO of Logicube. “Forensic investigators are now faced with the requirement to capture large amounts of sensitive evidence data as well as transport data from the field to the lab safely and securely.”

“As a pioneer in eForensics Logicube is committed to providing our customers total solutions that keep pace not only with technological advances in the field but also with the evolution of digital forensic practices,” continued Emrani.

The MPFS features a small footprint and convenient recessed areas on either side of the chassis make it extremely portable and easy to carry. The compact size and large capacity eliminate the need to handle bulky sets of hard disks. A ruggedized chassis provides superior protection to hard drives stored within MPFS. A cholesteric “always-on” display allows users to identify contents by file/case name at a glance-making it convenient to archive evidence data for future analysis.

“The MPFS is an integral building-block in our forensic product line. Along with our Forensic Dossier and the new NETConnect™ networking module these complementary products become the ultimate complete forensic data capture solution.” commented Mr. Emrani.

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The MPFS will be featured in the Logicube booth (#1631) at the 2010 FOSE show held in Washington D.C., March 23rd through March 25th. The MPFS will begin shipping in Q2 2010.

About Logicube
Logicube is the world’s leader in hard drive duplication and eForensics solutions. Founded in 1993, with headquarters in Chatsworth, California, Logicube is dedicated to delivering reliable, innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for users worldwide. The company’s products are sold direct to users, through international distributors and authorized dealers world-wide for more information visit their website at http://www.logicube.com or http://www.logicubeforensics.com.

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Forensic Focus events calendar - https://www.forensicfocus.com/events/

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