Paraben Releases Deleted Android Data Product

Paraben Corporation has announced the release of the Phone Recovery Stick. Once plugged in to a computer, users simply plug their Android phone in and run the program. It automatically downloads user data such as call logs, pictures, address books,… Read more

Paraben Acquires Project-A-Phone

Paraben Corporation has announced the acquisition of Project-a-Phone, a tool used in the digital forensic industry as well as corporate settings to be able to display and record data from the screen of a mobile device. “We are looking forward… Read more

Paraben Releases P2 Commander v1.7

Paraben has released a new version of P2 Commander. Version 1.7 now supports Mac file format as well as vmWare and VirtualPC images. Users will notice a huge increase in the speed of processing evidence in v1.7. Current subscriptions holders… Read more

Paraben Giving out PFIC Scholarships for Law Enforcement

Paraben is giving away 100 scholarships for Law Enforcement to PFIC 2010. If you have heard the buzz about this informative and innovative conference but don’t have the budget to attend, e-mail If you qualify and there are still… Read more

Paraben’s Chat Examiner v2.0 Released

Paraben has announced the release of Chat Examiner v2.0. If your subscription is current, you can download the new version from your registration site account at If your subscription is not current, you can update it from your registration… Read more

Paraben’s P2 Commander v1.5 Released

Paraben has announced the release of P2 Commander v1.5. What’s New: * Added recursive sorting and searching * Added support for Vista registry file and Vista system disk in Advanced Registry and System Analyzer* Added support for Forensic Storage containers… Read more

Paraben Releases Network E-mail Examiner v3.0

Paraben has announced the release of Network E-Mail Examiner v3.0. This version completes the integration of NEMX into the P2 Commander interface giving it full forensic analysis features such as multi-threading, a back-end database, indexing and searching of attachments, and… Read more

Device Seizure v3.2 Released

Paraben has announced the release of Paraben’s Device Seizure v3.2 with TomTom and Android support…What’s New: * Added support for Android* Added support for TomTom GPS Devices* Added additional support for Sanyo CDMA phones* Added support for Samsung A950, U340,… Read more

Device Seizure 3.0 & P2 Commander 1.2 Released

Paraben has announced the release of Device Seizure v3.0 and P2 Commander 1.2. Both releases have new features. If you don’t have these products in your toolbox, you can add them for less than the annual maintenance on similar tools… Read more

Paraben releases Device Seizure Field Kit

Paraben has released the Device Seizure Field Kit. Rugged, portable, and expandable, this comprehensive handheld forensic field kit allows you to take your lab out into the field to perform complete forensic exams of cell phones, PDAs, GPS devices, and… Read more

Device Seizure v2.2 Released

Paraben has announced the release of Device Seizure v2.2 which is now available in a portable, expandable field kit. This new version adds two new iPhone plug-ins… What’s New: iPhone Advanced Logical Plug-inThis plug-in allows you to make a backup… Read more