Featured Job: Digital Forensic Technician (London, UK)


Metropolitan Police Service


Across London, UK


£35,844 to £40,731 plus a Location allowance of £1,639. You will receive £35,844 the band minimum. Progress to the band maximum of £40,731 will be via incremental progression.

Job Description

This is an exciting opportunity for successful candidates to join the Met Police Service’s Digital Forensics department as a Digital Forensic Technician.

We are looking for talented, enthusiastic individuals to undertake digital forensic examinations on a variety of digital devices; supporting the MPS’ mission to keep London safe. Examining devices, such as mobile phones or computers, to help officers further their investigations, your impact will be felt on a daily basis.

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The role is rotational between the Digital Forensic Hubs which are situated across the MPS estate meaning a wide variety of knowledge and experience can be gained every day. DF Technicians complete their initial training at Lambeth HQ prior to be posted to a Hub.

Rotations are released every 6 months with at least 4 weeks’ notice. You will not necessarily move location every 6 months, you can be posted to the same location for a number of rotations. Whilst individual preferences are taken into account when arranging rotations, operational need takes precedence.

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