Belkasoft Offers Free and Easy Way to Save Facebook Information

Belkasoft has released Facebook Profile Saver, a free tool to capture information publicly available in Facebook profiles. This tiny tool is aimed at computer forensic and security specialists who need to automate the downloading of Facebook pages for offline analysis. A local copy of public Facebook pages may be required for investigation activities, and can be presented as court evidence. Performing this task manually would be extremely time-consuming, so we came up with a tool to automate the routine…

Making Facebook Data Available for Offline Analysis

Belkasoft Facebook Profile Saver can only do two things:

– Save publicly available photo albums (including comments and descriptions);

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-Save the user’s wall contents (text and images only, but no videos or other stuff).

The information is saved locally, and an HTML report is generated. The HTML report is self-containing: it can be printed and displayed without an Internet connection. The report maintains the original links should you need to review the original album page, photo page or wall post at a later time.

Dealing with Restricted Pages

With many Facebook users restricting access to their pages to registered Facebook users, Belkasoft Facebook Profile Saver can automatically sign in to Facebook on your behalf using any valid credentials. Belkasoft Facebook Profile Saver will only ask for Facebook login credentials if a restricted page is encountered.

Free Download

Belkasoft Facebook Profile Saver is absolutely free. Visit to download.

About Belkasoft

Belkasoft is an independent software vendor manufacturing tools for computer forensics and IT security personnel. The company’s products simplify and speed up the collection and analysis of digital evidence from computers’ hard disks and memory dumps, helping investigators acquire more evidence than ever. Running on the Microsoft Windows platform, Belkasoft products back the company’s “Forensics made easier” slogan, offering IT security experts and forensic investigators solutions that work right out of the box, without requiring a steep learning curve or any specific skills to operate. Belkasoft products are used in forensic investigations, law enforcement, intelligence and corporate security applications. More information at

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