BlackBag Technologies Announces MiCFE Mac Forensics Certification

BlackBag Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of forensics software, training, and eDiscovery solutions, today announced a new Mac and iOS Certified Forensic Examiner (MiCFE) program. This first-of-its-kind certification program is designed to validate expert-level Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch computer forensics proficiency through the successful completion of two written exams and a rigorous hands-on practical exam. MiCFE certification candidates are personally mentored throughout the certification process by one of several highly skilled and experienced MiCFE founding members and esteemed industry experts…“First and foremost this program is designed to validate Mac and iOS examiners’ computer forensics knowledge and skills,” said Derrick Donnelly, Chief Technology Officer. “But, we also think of our program as a good-natured challenge. Our founding members and mentors are longtime Mac and iOS forensic investigators and analysts, and some have worked in the digital forensics field since the beginning. We invite other practitioners to test their skills against ours, and encourage them to mentor others once they achieve the MiCFE distinction, if they desire to do so.”

The MiCFE certification program is vendor-independent, and candidates may complete the certification exams using any computer forensics software tool of choice.

“We believe our software solutions are the most comprehensive and intuitive Mac and iOS forensic analysis tools on the market,” said Ryan Chapin, Vice President of Forensics and Training. “However, our certification program is designed to validate overall Mac and iOS forensics proficiency and not vendor-specific software skills. MiCFE certification candidates are welcome to use whatever software tools they wish to complete their exams; they are not required to use our BlackLight analysis software.”

To learn more about the BlackBag Technologies Mac an iOS Certified Forensic Examiner (MiCFE) program, please visit Visit to learn more about Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch digital forensics, and BlackBag Technologies forensics software solutions.

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BlackBag Technologies, Inc. provides Mac OS X, iPhone, and iPad forensics and eDiscovery solutions. BlackBag acknowledges the growing challenges faced by forensic examiners and legal professionals in the digital forensics field, and is dedicated to creating flexible and comprehensive software, training, and professional service solutions. BlackBag serves a wide range of clients, including federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as leading private sector security, legal, and personnel professionals. Visit for more information.


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