Comprehensive Forensic Chat Examination with Belkasoft

Call logs, SMSes, emails, social networks communications and, of course, chats in instant messengers can give you a lot of important information in a course of a forensic investigation. Let’s see how one single chat product can be examined from different aspects, each of which gives one more – unique! – part of puzzle.

In our case, the suspect had Skype installed on his laptop and mobile device which were seized and investigated with Belkasoft Evidence Center 2017.

First part of the analysis is easy: chats are extracted from existing main.db, a SQLite database where Skype stores its history logs.

BEC automatically locates and extracts chat history from Skype database, as well as hundreds of other messengers

Is this it? No, there are many things yet to be discovered!

First of all, BEC finds not just text chats. Read more…

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