Detego Global Announces Strategic Partnership With Connection To Deliver Cutting-Edge DFIR Solutions

Detego Global has announced a strategic partnership with Connection, a Fortune 1000 Global Solutions Provider. This collaboration will enable Connection’s diverse customer base to access Detego Global’s game-changing digital forensics and incident response tools. It will empower businesses, enterprises and government organizations to fortify their cybersecurity strategies and enhance investigative capabilities.

Connection calms the confusion of IT by delivering customers industry-leading technology solutions to enhance growth, elevate productivity and empower innovation. Dedicated specialists focused on exceptional service customize offerings tailored to the unique needs of customers.

Detego Global’s award-winning Unified Digital Forensics platform, trusted by elite military units, law enforcement teams, intelligence agencies, government organizations and global enterprises, is designed to fast-track investigations by delivering record-setting data acquisition speeds, advanced AI analytics, swift triage, intelligent workflow automation and court-ready reports. The platform enables the rapid extraction and analysis of critical data from thousands of devices, including computers, phones, smart devices, drones and loose media, and provides insights from over 2,000 apps. This end-to-end platform is renowned for delivering accurate results even when deployed in challenging conditions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Connection and make our cutting-edge digital forensics and incident response tools accessible to customers in the business, enterprise and government sectors,” said C.J. Hamidi, Business Development Director for North America at Detego Global. “This partnership will empower organizations to leverage our technology to combat serious crimes, including terrorism, cyber-crimes, fraud and organized crime.”

As part of the partnership, Connection’s customers will gain access to Detego Global’s suite of tools that make up the Detego Unified Digital Forensics Platform. These include Ballistic Imager, the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool; Field Triage, a portable tool perfect for the swift examination of data and pinpointing crime-linked devices; Media Acquisition, an intuitive tool for simultaneous acquisition and analysis of data from multiple devices; Detego MD, a solution for forensically securing and analyzing data from thousands of phone models, apps and smart devices; Fusion, a tool leveraging AI-powered link-building capabilities; and Analyse AI+, a ground-breaking analytical platform that utilizes advanced AI analytics and automation for in-depth analysis, intelligence gathering and the creation of court-ready reports.

“We are excited to partner with Detego Global and bring the company’s award-winning digital forensics and incident response tools to our customers,” said Brian Hicks, Sr. Vice President of Product Management and Operations at Connection. “These solutions will help our customers fortify their cybersecurity strategies, enhance investigative capabilities and deliver justice faster by eliminating backlogs and data silos.”

For more information about Detego Global and its suite of digital forensics solutions, please visit To learn more about Connection and its offerings, visit

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About Detego Global

Detego Global is the company behind award-winning Digital Forensics, Case Management, and Endpoint Monitoring solutions trusted by military, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and enterprises worldwide. With a focus on rapidly acquiring, analyzing and acting on evidence and intelligence, Detego Global’s solutions are the preferred choice for combating serious crimes and streamlining on-scene and lab-based investigations.

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