Semantics 21: Advancing AI For Victim Identification

Revolutionising Digital Forensics with AI and Machine Learning

Semantics 21 (S21) is at the forefront of leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to process and analyse vast amounts of digital data. Their advanced software plays a pivotal role in identifying victims in heinous crimes such as child exploitation, human trafficking, and terrorism. By rapidly detecting potential victims in images and videos, S21’s technology provides critical leads for investigators, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of investigations. This innovation minimizes harmful exposure to investigators, reduces their workload, and helps address the backlog of cases awaiting investigation.

Meet the Pioneers

Dr. Liam Owens

Dr. Liam Owens, a leading UK expert in AI for semantic understanding and automated decision-making in digital forensics, heads Semantics 21. Recently recognized as an expert by the UK House of Lords, Liam combines his expertise as a trained digital forensics investigator with his commitment to putting victims and investigators first.

Prof. Claude Chibelushi

Prof. Claude Chibelushi, an internationally recognised AI authority in digital media understanding, leads S21’s R&D, including the NEXUS team. With a research background from Staffordshire University and engagements with prestigious institutions like the University of Warwick, Claude brings a wealth of experience from previous roles at the University of Oxford and BMW.

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Tom Oldroyd

Tom Oldroyd, formerly a Sergeant with the Nottinghamshire Police and manager of a prominent UK Digital Forensics Unit, now leads S21’s strategy and sales. His passion for rescuing children and fostering vendor collaboration drives new partnerships and initiatives. Tom’s extensive experience in managing large teams of investigators has enabled S21 to incorporate industry-leading investigator wellbeing functionality into their solutions.

Recognising Excellence and Innovation

The Semantics 21 team is honoured to have recently received the prestigious King’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, in recognition of their groundbreaking work in developing advanced software for victim identification. This accolade joins their impressive roster of awards, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2019 and the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce Digital Award. These honours celebrate S21’s technological excellence and their profound impact on justice and public safety. By pushing the boundaries of digital forensics, Semantics 21 leverages technology for societal good, aiding in the dismantling of criminal networks and the protection of vulnerable individuals.

Commitment to Global Collaboration and Impact

Semantics 21 collaborates with law enforcement agencies worldwide, tailoring their solutions to meet specific needs and legal frameworks within various jurisdictions. This collaborative approach has driven the success of their software in numerous high-profile cases, aiding in the rescue of victims and apprehension of offenders globally.

CEO and Founder Dr. Liam Owens emphasises the mission:

“With the shocking statistic that 1 in 10 children experience sexual abuse before the age of 16, and only 1 in 8 of those are identified by law enforcement, we are committed to supporting everyday heroes in law enforcement. Our goal is to reduce this number by identifying and convicting perpetrators, while supporting the rescue and safeguarding of children here in the UK and across the world.”

Semantics 21 continues to advance the field of digital forensics, empowering investigators with innovative tools that make a real difference in the fight against crime and the protection of the most vulnerable.

To find out more about the S21 toolset including the world’s biggest CSAM intelligence database, visit or reach out to the team on

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