Detego Global Brings Innovative Forensic Tech Training To The HTCIA GTE In Las Vegas

Detego Global has announced a complimentary full-day training session designed to revolutionize on-scene and lab-based investigations. This exclusive event, titled “Transforming DFIR Workflows with Detego Global’s Groundbreaking Solutions”  will take place on July 23 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The event underscores Detego Global’s unwavering commitment to the Digital Forensics and Incident Response community and their steadfast support for the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA).

Led by US Special Operations veteran Javis Olson, this certified training will provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of Detego Global’s award-winning digital forensics and incident response technologies. Participants will gain practical insights on fast-tracking every aspect of their investigations—from data extraction and analysis to comprehensive reporting.

Attendees will explore tools such as Ballistic Imager, the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool, capable of extracting 1TB of data in under 8 minutes. They will learn to swiftly identify devices containing investigation-critical data using Field Triage and gain expertise in Media Acquisition, a powerful tool that automates data capture and analysis from multiple devices. The training will also cover Detego Analyse AI+, featuring advanced capabilities such as semantic search, AI facial recognition, real-time transcription and translation, advanced steganography detection, and intelligent automation.

This session is meticulously tailored for professionals across various fields, including the military, law enforcement, corporate security, e-discovery, and legal and investigative experts from federal, state, or government organizations. Attendees will leave with invaluable insights and practical experience designed to eliminate data silos, accelerate investigations, and minimize backlogs.

By partnering with HTCIA, Detego Global underscores its commitment to helping investigators overcome their most pressing challenges with cutting-edge technology and expert-led instruction.

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To further enhance the learning experience, every participant will receive a 60-day license to Detego Suite Pro. This license allows the immediate application of the knowledge gained during the training, ensuring attendees can see the transformative impact of Detego Global’s solutions in their investigations from the very beginning.

Click here for more information and to register.

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