Digital Forensics Round-Up, February 14 2024

A round-up of this week’s digital forensics news and views:

Sources of error in digital forensics

The occurrence of errors in forensic practice is inevitable, and whilst we may not feel comfortable with the idea, the truth of it must be acknowledged…

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What DFIR experts need to know about the current state of the Unified Audit Log

Recently there have been some big changes in Microsoft auditing, especially with the Unified Audit Log (UAL). It all started with a blog by Microsoft that laid out plans for the future of auditing…

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Navigating the Deep: A Glimpse into the Future of Digital Forensics and Criminal Intelligence Analysis in an ocean of AI and Deepfake Technology

In an era dominated by digital manipulation and artificial intelligence, the evolution of deepfake technology has ushered in a new frontier fraught with challenges and opportunities for digital forensics and criminal intelligence analysis…

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Bullshit Hunting: Digital Forensics Edition

Justin had questions, (and, it turned out, rightly so), about the digital forensics process/analysis/investigation performed by a law enforcement agency, somewhere in California…

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Police Digital Service’s ‘outstanding’ cybercrime work recognised with award

The Police Digital Service’s National Management Centre (NMC) has been awarded a National Cybercrime Programme Chief Superintendents Commendation for its “outstanding role” in protecting UK law enforcement against cyber threats…

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Review: Binalyze AIR From Binalyze

Even with the shift back to office-based work, the importance of remote acquisition capabilities in Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) cannot be overstated…

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Device Set-up – Transferring data to new iPhone & Effects to Photos.sqlite

This will be an update to Local Photo Library (LPL) Photos.sqlite decoding as the result of a DFIR Discord community member question…

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Man arrested in Malta in global operation to shut down cybercrime network targeting Australians

A man has been arrested as part of an international operation to shut down a global cybercrime network targeting Australians as Australian federal police warn they will track down other people alleged to be involved in the use of the malicious software…

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Cybercrime Detection & Prevention: MHA Forms 7 Joint Coordination Teams to Cover Whole Country

Seven Joint Cyber Coordination Teams (JCCTs) have been constituted to safeguard digital territories of Mewat, Jamtara, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Vishakhapatnam and Guwahati and prevent cybercrimes…

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Digital forensic evidence dominate testimony for Troconis trial day 20

It was back to forensics in Michelle Troconis’ trial for day 20. This time, digital forensics, data pulled from Fotis Dulos’ phone and vehicles related to the case…

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