Get your dedicated FREE trial of Binalyze AIR up and running in just 2 mins!

Speed and simplicity are two of our core values so we decided to apply those values to your onboarding journey as well by minimizing all steps to a single click. Today we are releasing a brand new AIR Trial platform that makes it possible to get your dedicated trial of Binalyze AIR up and running in just 2 minutes! 

  • Zero setup and configuration
  • Completely DIY, no need to ask permission!
  • Just one click and your AIR management console is ready

In just 2 minutes, you can get your dedicated instance of AIR running on EC2 with a custom subdomain ( Whether you are an MSSP or a digital forensics practitioner who wants to experience the “new way” of doing DFIR, or an enterprise keen to build a cyber-resilient security strategy that leverages the power of enterprise forensics, this will make it super easy to evaluate our solutions.

You can try Binalyze AIR FREE for 14 days by clicking on this link.

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