Inside the HGST Helium Hard Drive

Helium-filled hard drives may be our future storage option. Increased storage, less noise and reduced heating, reduced power consumption are just some improvements behind these types of hard drives.

Yet, no one had an opportunity to look inside the helium hard drives and to do a proper inspection of its mechanics. We believed that this challenge should be suitable for us, since we have a lot of experience in examination of the hard drives.Our research was recorded and presented as a short footage which we put on our blog, in the article Opening the helium hard drive – Video. Significant data was collected during the opening process and we put our main conclusions in this video presentation.

Snapshot from Opening the HGST helium hard drive – HddSurgery

We will continue researching helium-filled hard drives, in order to find best and standardized solution to solve potential mechanic failures and develop professional data recovery tools to ensure successful data recovery from this kind of hard drives.

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