Interview With Benjamin, Creator Of Metadata Interrogator

Ben, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into digital forensics.

Hello! So in terms of background, I come from predominantly a law enforcement background, although I’ve also worked in counter-fraud in the private sector too. I’ve been lucky enough to work in a number of roles in a variety of countries, and I feel that it’s given me a broad insight into our field and the challenges we face.

I started working in proper investigations at that strange time when everything was just starting to go ‘online’ – the move to dynamic web pages and online services. At that time, I had a lot of colleagues who rejected the idea of digital investigations/forensics (“the internet is never going to take off!”), and so due to just having a love of tech, I was always given any case that had a technical/digital element to it – and that was really how I began in digital forensics!

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