Interview with Jim Kent, CEO EMEA, Nuix

Jim, Nuix seems to be growing quickly in terms of products, services and personnel. Can you tell us about some of those changes since we last spoke a year ago?

It has felt like a really short 12 months. In that time, Nuix’s revenues have come a whisker shy of doubling. We now have more than a thousand customers in over 45 countries. We’ve opened a training facility in Washington, DC and have more than 200 employees.

We’ve continued to develop our existing products for forensic investigation, eDiscovery and information governance. The latest release of the Nuix Engine, version 5.2, has added a big list of features including the ability to analyse Windows event logs and jump lists and a really clever ability to decode binary values – so you can take what just looks like a string of numbers and say, ’What does this translate to as a Windows date format?’

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