Webinar: Investigating Child Exploitation Cases – Get Critical Internet Evidence

Date: Wednesday, May 28
Time: 1:00pm EDT (USA) / 6:00pm BST (UK)

Title: Investigating Child Exploitation Cases – Getting to Critical Internet Evidence Faster with Internet Evidence Finder

Register today at http://bit.ly/1mDooRL (WebEx)

When a child’s safety is on the line, how do you get to key internet forensics evidence quickly enough to begin building your case? Designed for digital forensics investigators who may work on child exploitation cases, this internet forensics webinar will give you the tools and techniques needed to find key internet evidence (like pictures, web searches and chat apps) at every stage of the investigation. We’ll take you from obtaining your search warrant, to recovering internet forensics artifacts from a suspect’s computer and mobile phone, to producing an understandable report that can be passed off or presented in court.Led by Jad Saliba and Jamie McQuaid from Magnet Forensics who’ll be demonstrating how to use Internet Evidence Finder, you’ll learn how to:

· Identify a suspect online using chat and IP address details that can be later used in obtaining a search warrant.

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· Triage data onsite/find key pieces of internet evidence, like illicit pictures using hash values, to assist in making an arrest.

· Perform a full internet forensics investigation back in the lab to find all of the relevant internet evidence for your case, including Skype, Kik Messenger, Google searches, pictures, P2P files and more.

Date: Wednesday, May 28
Time: 1:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (USA) / 6:00pm British Summer Time (UK)

Register today at http://bit.ly/1mDooRL (WebEx)

Please share this invitation with any friends or colleagues who might also be interested, thank you. A recording will be made available at a later date for those unable to attend.

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