Interview With Stefano Bianchi, Amped Software

Stefano, tell us about your multiple roles as Trainer, Software Developer and Technical Support at Amped. What does a typical workday look like for you?

My workday is quite unpredictable so this question is rather hard to answer! My day can be divided into slots: I dedicate a slot to development, a slot to training and another slot to technical support. Depending on the day, the order and size of these slots change.

What's your favorite aspect of each role?

As a developer, the best advantage is to be able to look at and improve the products we use: it’s just like driving a car and having the possibility to always take a look inside the engine to see what happens in detail and also use my hands to make it run better. This helps me to learn something new every time and to have a deeper understanding of the software itself.

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