Investigating Video Evidence Training For Investigators

Amped Software has added a new training course for investigators and first responders. Read below to find out more!

Introduction to Video Evidence for Investigators

This is an entry-level course designed for investigators and first responders. We will focus on implementing a firm legal process for using and reporting on image and video evidence in daily investigations. Students will learn the basics of image and video analysis, be able to convert proprietary video files, apply basic corrections to images, and prepare the evidence for presentations with redactions and annotations. The challenges and pitfalls faced when using digital multimedia evidence in investigations will also be discussed. The course is a mixture of lectures and hands-on with practical or simulated cases using Amped Replay. Students will obtain the knowledge and skills required to properly examine and process image and video evidence, backed with a workflow that is forensically sound and courtroom admissible.

Check out the schedule below of our upcoming classes:

Investigating Video Evidence | July 27-29, 2021 (New York time)

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Investigating Video Evidence | September 07-09, 2021 (Italy time)

Investigating Video Evidence | September 28-30, 2021 (New York time)

Investigating Video Evidence  | November 16-18, 2021 (Italy time)


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