Laminar Flow Cabinet from HddSurgery

HddSurgery Ltd. is a global leader in providing professional data recovery and computer forensic hardware tools since 2009.

Our mission is to find optimal solutions for common mechanical problems with hard drives, such as broken heads, head stiction and jammed spindle.

Beside the tools which solve these problems, our company provides assistive data recovery tools like Workbench, Platter stand, Head holder and Unlock key.

This year we introduced the most sophisticated product from our company – HDDS Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet M.[image]

Laminar Flow Cabinet from HddSurgery

The product is made of white coated steel frame, while the work surface is made of stainless steel. It has a modern ergonomic design and 4 castors (wheels) which allow unimpaired movement, but can hold the desired position using the breaks.

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Pre filter (Polyester fibers with 85% arrestance) protects the blower, while the main HEPA filter (TROX™ Filter, H13) has >99,995% efficiency for stoping the particles with a diameter greater than 3 microns.

LED panel with adjustable light level (4000K, up to 1950lx) and low sound noice (50 dB) give user friendly enviroment and pleasant working conditions.

Touch screen display ensures fast and easy navigation through the user menu:

– Adjustable blower speeds

– HEPA filter clogging test

– Measurements (humidity, pressure drop, temperature)

– Language&Units

– Workhours

– Stopwatch etc.

[image]Touch screen display

As a special addition towards the field of Data recovery, HddSurgery Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets M are equipped with two MOLEX connectors, enabling the user to plug in hard drives inside the cabinet’s workspace in order to gain further on-site diagnosis of the possible hard disk drive failures.

[image]Two Molex ports

As a design detail, HDDS Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet M comes with the stainless steel plate with engraved brand logo of the client.

Laminar Flow Cabinets – Definition

The usage of Laminar Flow Cabinets is mandatory while performing data recovery procedures on hard drives with severe mechanical damage.

Platters, the most important part of a hard drive, are very sensitive to dust particles which may stick to the surface. This can cause head crash which will most certainly leave the scratches and destroy the surface.

In order to prevent this, all companies which produce hard drives have clean rooms and cabinets inside their facilities. Beside this, they have strict lab equipment policy which ensures dust free environment.

Laminar cabinets, or cabinets with laminar air flow, represent laboratory equipment that serves to perform certain analyses of samples and activities on materials that are very sensitive to microparticles or can be dangerous to humans and the environment.

[image]HDDS Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet M

Each cabinet has its own suction, filtering, ducting and disposal system.

Depending on the combinations of these systems, a rough categorisation is made to cabinets with horizontal and vertical air currents.

Horizontal flow means that the air is directed to the operator, while the vertical flow is directed directly to the subject matter.

Also, cabinets can be with open or closed workspace. Closed space is used when the subject of work is some dangerous substance, virus, agent, etc.

In the next news item we will explain the working principle of the laminar flow cabinets further, as well as data recovery benefits of using them.

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