Learn About Digital Forensics in Law Enforcement – New White Paper from (ISC)2

Over the last decade, digital or cyber forensics has become a key part of criminal investigations, helping to solve or expedite cases that would have previously gone unsolved. The growing trail of digital evidence that investigators can tap is almost limitless, and the sources generating this data continue to evolve – from the Internet and mobile devices to vehicle sensors and wearable fashion. To support the processes and procedures required by law to successfully prosecute cases, digital forensics has grown into a scientific discipline and gained influence and credibility within the justice system.Law enforcement is undergoing a significant transformation to keep pace with the changing methods and technologies employed by tech-savvy criminals. For someone looking to get into digital forensics, law enforcement provides an enormous opportunity to have a real impact on both the outcome of criminal cases and the development of the field.

Learn more about this growing field in a new white paper from (ISC) 2 , titled “An Introduction to Digital Forensics in Law Enforcement.” As an aspiring digital forensics professional, what can you anticipate from a career in law enforcement? How do you prepare for it? The white paper provides an introduction to this unique environment and an overview of the certifications offered, including the Certified Cyber Forensics Professional (CCFP). To download the white paper, click here.

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