Learn To Apply Breakthrough Application Extraction And Decoding Techniques

Cellebrite forensic experts demonstrate the unique capabilities of Cellebrite SQLite Wizard & New Virtual Analyzer

Register TodayDuring our live 60-minute complimentary webinar – “Access Inaccessible Apps” – Cellebrite digital forensics experts, Buddy Tidwell and Mati Goldberg, will showcase the UFED Physical Analyzer’s SQLite Wizard and the new Virtual Analyzer. These innovative solutions will enable you to extract logical and physical data from thousands of previously unsupported applications—including an unlimited number of Android apps.

Buddy and Mati will show you how to:
o Obtain digital evidence from the constantly-growing library of Android and iOS applications
o Expose, capture, and validate iOS and Android application data not yet supported via traditional decoding methods
o Access mobile application data in its native format for clear, compelling reports
o Eliminate the need for a second forensic tool to validate mobile application data

Date: Wed March 28
Time:10am (New York); 3pm (Brussels); 2pm (London)
45 min + Q&A

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