Magnet AXIOM 1.0.5 Helps Forensics Professionals Wade Into IoT Waters

AXIOM 1.0.5 Update Includes Forensics Support for Nest, Amazon Echo, Fitbit, and OnStar

Magnet Forensics has just released its latest updates for Magnet AXIOM and Magnet IEF and they include support for several Internet of Things (IoT) artifacts for Android and iOS devices.

As more and more devices and “things” become connected to the Internet (think cars, thermostats, appliances, glasses, watches, you-name-it), more data is created and digital forensics needs to keep in pace with all of these data sources.Typically, we would find that the data might not live on the device and its memory, but in the apps or stored in the cloud.

New features of Magnet AXIOM 1.0.5 (and Magnet IEF 6.8.2) include:

• Added support for OnStar RemoteLink artifacts on Android, which includes information such as account info, Wi-Fi hotspot details, location searches, diagnostics, vehicle info, and places of interest.
• Support for Nest artifacts on iOS, including thermostat schedules, user settings, and location settings.
• Support for Fitbit for Android. Artifacts include steps info, heart rate, floors taken (up and down), and sleep activity.
• Data recovery from the Amazon Alexa app on both Android and iOS. This app interfaces with Amazon Echo hardware and includes a record of the voice commands used, to-do lists created, settings, and more.

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Additional Features
For more information on new features in AXIOM 1.0.5 and to learn how to update your software or get a free trial, visit our blog or check out our website.

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