MSAB New Release: XRY 9.1, XAMN 5.1 And XEC Export 6.0.1

Significantly increase the amount of location data, extract more refined data from more devices more securely and in less time, view content from warrant returns and more.

Today’s release of new versions of XRY, XAMN and XEC Export represents a substantial advance in our efforts to help our customers acquire mobile data faster, easier and more securely.

XRY 9.1 brings significant extraction and decoding speeds to more mobile devices, with the total number of supported devices exceeding 32400. XRY 9.1 features improvements to the streamlined user interface that make the extraction process easier than ever before. Plus, you can now get past locked LG Android Qualcomm based devices and get a complete data extraction.

MSAB is proud to say that the XRY suite of tools can assist law enforcement agencies to adhere to restricted search criteria and data privacy regulations. We have always been aware of the need for ensuring the security of data for those responsible for processing sensitive personal data.

To process a wider variety of mobile related data; XAMN now enables you to ingest and view content from warrant returns in your case. XAMN 5.1 also allows rapid access to all the apps from the start page to simplify the selection of decoded app artifacts for examiners.

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Among the highlights we have added support in XEC Export 6.0.1 for new data formats to speed up and automate the transfer of data between MSAB and third-party analytical tools.

Highlights of the latest release are summarized below and, as always, we highly recommend that current customers download the Release Notes from the Customer Portal for a complete description of all updated product capabilities and supported devices and apps.

Release highlights:

XRY 9.1

XRY 9.1 introduces an updated version of the “Categories and Time Span” step by step feature which allows examiners to quickly refine their extractions to individual file categories within specified time ranges. This allows operators to restrict mobile device investigations to help comply with data privacy requirements, such as time restrictions or specific data types.

XRY also includes significant improvements in the recovery of location data from both iOS and Android databases.

In XRY 9.1, you can now perform physical extractions of LG Android Qualcomm based devices. This new solution will empower you to overcome locked devices for a complete data extraction.

The new version of XRY features multiple enhancements to the user interface:

  • Design improvements to the Case Overview to make it easier to find XRY files.
  • New step-by-step procedures to help users save time when creating a new case.

…and much more.

MSAB also offers service options for approved agencies that need access to the most challenging locked or encrypted mobile phones in critical cases. These services provide access to many of the latest Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and many other Android devices. Please contact us at for more information.

XAMN 5.1

XAMN now enables you to parse content from warrant returns and include that data in your case as .xry file. The first iteration is designed to support Snapchat warrant returns and it will address popular returns from Facebook, Google, iCloud and Instagram in future releases.

XAMN 5.1 also introduces an enhanced Case Overview display of all apps in the case and the number of decoded artifacts per app to speed up the selection for examiners.

In addition, XAMN now supports the latest VICS 2.0 database for use with child abuse investigations. MSAB is proud to continue working closely with Project VIC International and the community to help detect and prevent the spread of child sexual abuse material.

XAMN Horizon introduces a new capability that automatically links person profiles which are identified as related, helping you to focus investigations on people of interest and build a complete profile of a suspect, using all available identifiers.

In XAMN Elements you can now run your Python Scripts directly, without the need to launch XRY.

XEC Export 6.0.1

For users of XEC Export, we have enhanced capabilities and now offer additional export options for Open Office documents and Dictionary, along with the new NUIX exporter to transfer data into different formats as a fully automated background service.

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