New Chain Folders And Assisted Annotation Tracking Now Available In Amped FIVE 18800

Amped Software has released the latest version of Amped FIVE! Update 18800 brings great new things to the History panel, the Annotate filter and to the Generate Report feature.

Below, you can find out more about the new Chain Folders, Assisted Annotation Tracking and Protected PDF Reports.

Update to the newest version today or request a free trial if you have not yet tried Amped FIVE.

Chain Folders

Amped Software strives to make our powerful software as user-friendly as possible, and a clean and uncluttered workspace is paramount in ensuring that everything is easily made available to the user. With cases now involving multiple sources and files, we wanted to bring this approach to the History panel with the addition of Folders.

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The introduction of Folders is a huge development for analysts. Having the ability of simple drag and drop conversion, analysis, enhancement and the presentation of multiple files and then being able to sort, copy and manage them in a clean and easy manner will make working on large or complex cases so much easier.

Assisted Tracking

A Manual Tracking method was previously introduced with the Annotate feature, in an older update. If you slowed the video playback speed and held an annotation, such as Spotlight, down with the mouse, you could move the spotlight over the top of your area of interest while the video was playing. The path you made would be stored and then retained as a track path.

Now, with the introduction of Assisted Tracking in this update, it means you may no longer have to do this. If you have a reasonable contrast between the object of interest and the background, you just have to hold down the new Track button!

Generate Report

We have also introduced two other great features to this update. First, we have a new PDF format called Protected PDF. If you select this format, the result will be a secured PDF. This is a restricted document that has editing disabled. Ideal for evidential reports.

Next, we have a slight change to the reports. If you have used a default image format that has low browser compatibility, such as TIFF, then the images will be automatically converted for the report to PNG. This does not affect your exported images or bookmarks, just the images in the report.


Many users will know by now that with every update of Amped FIVE comes a raft of new and updated formats, helping you to decode and convert directly in FIVE before you start your analysis, enhancement and presentation evidence. Many new codec and format variations have been received into our support team over the past few months and these not only help you in your analysis but also helps all other Amped Software users. Remember to contact us for any new formats you discover. Working as a team, we can all play our part in getting proprietary video decodable!

Read the blog post from Amped Software to learn more about this update.

Don’t Delay – Update Today!
If you have an active support plan you can download the latest version straight away by going into the menu Help>Check for Updates Online within Amped FIVE. If you need to renew your SMS plan, please contact Amped Software or an authorized distributor.

Users can also always access the Amped User Support Portal to install and update to the latest version, manage licenses and requests, and download training certificates.

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